Other merriments

Company celebrations, anniversaries, birthdays, proms,
jubilees, graduations, bachelorette and bachelor parties …
Our job is to organize all sorts of unforgettable celebrations for you!

You can invite up to 120 guests.
According to your wishes and budget, you can choose food, drinks and serving presentation.



Bread baskets are included in the price.

It is possible to order an entire cake (your choice of type, size and decoration)


Price for music is 450 din per person


There are many letters in which our guests for hospitality returned the kind words and gratitude.
Highlights of some:

After the celebration of the jubilee birthday:

“Dear all new friends at Reka. I am so sorry I did not write earlier. Night could not have been better. The staff were fantastic as always. The food was top class and the atmosphere that is uniquely Reka provided the perfect location for the perfect event. People will be talking about our night at Reka for years to come. Some friends say it was the best weekend of their lives! My sincere thanks to you and the team. I look forward to seeing you soon.”

“Kieran and Vedrana”

Letter of a mum after her daughter’s 18th birthday:

„Thank you for the wonderful hospitality of the“ Reka“. It was really great, as always, but most of all he was delighted, and this new generation of young people who just step out into adult life. Best regards to our next meeting. „

After dinner in the Word of numerous journalists from all the republics of former Yugoslavia:

„Dear Reka all of you wonderful people around the river, two days from when I was in the river, and all those 48 and still living river.

Upon arrival in Zemun, a Belgrade taxi, belatedly, Semi-wet hair and polupromrzao, with phone in hand – a red-hot from the call and rebuke for being late, down the street toward the restaurant, which frankly is not promised, I have not even been something special mood. Parking and a glance at the restaurant, the mild blizzards, I was in that prehladnoj the January night a little depressed while I gaze to the right – on the frozen river completely bored. I wondered how Nadezhda does not find a place, though several kilometers closer. Then icy stairs, uncertain step, unknown people on the terrace next to the entrance, the crowd already behind the front door, a small entrance area and a wooden door. And beyond … ..carstvo.

People, people, people, many people, and their smiling faces, sweaty brow, beaming smiles, raised his hands, shimmering damar in every body …

Music … a story. Never experienced. La Luna complete revelation and of course, another disappointment mainly of official entertainment. Milena goddess – rising from the dead. Charming, unassuming girl without a single manners or visual characteristics of the current music scene (this stands out as a positive moment), and apparently unable to perform quick and efficient training many „colleagues“ was the singing, either from a wonderful and relaxed behavior. Repertoire … .ubija. No indifferent. Congratulations on your choice of musicians.

The staff … family. Smiling, quick, helpful, patient, communicative, non-intrusive, and too dazzling striking and so inseparable part of Rijeka.

Late hours Milena still sings. I do not even catch the origins of songs, musical styles … The important thing is that she sings. Because she really sing! Then take a violin and broke up, opened the drum and then puzzled wonder how it is possible that Aki and Massimo here tonight, because I hear them both, but then flinch when I realized that here, next to me, John Travolta still causing quite a stir . Milena again begins to sing, somewhere disappears even for a moment and do not hear, do not see it but thankfully here it is – yet is. And then I saw, smiling, standing at the counter, laughing, weight, greet people, talk to them, and miraculously restaurant still echoes a divine voice. In amazement I understand that Milena no longer sing, ask the owner to vote and see the perfect face of one of our hostess, shy smile and life in his eyes, the delight on the faces of people in the restaurant, the eruption of excitement, the culmination of the evening, applause, hugs … all on their feet – and So while the snow has not stopped falling.

When we went out it was peaceful and quiet, no wind, somehow suddenly warm. You’ll say it was the wine, but … he eased the wind and the river. And we brought peace and the need to get her back again. And I certainly will!
Thank you people exist.

“Brano Sedlar”