Cold starters

Plate of traditional Serbian cured meat and cheese for two persons

RSD 1.490,00

(pork and beef cured meat, cured sausage, white cheese, “kajmak” cream cheese, “proja” freshly baked corn cake)

Cheese plate

RSD 1.490,00

(goat cheese, parmesan, emmentaler, gorgonzola, smoked cheese)

Warm Starters

Eggplant rolls

RSD 750,00

(eggplant rolls with mozzarella and rocket)

Grilled oyster mushrooms

RSD 750,00

(served with goat cheese)

Deep-fried breaded olives stuffed with almonds

RSD 750,00

(served with tartar sauce)

Grilled "Miroc" cheese

RSD 750,00

(from Negotin, Eastern Serbia)

Bruschetta with aromatic tomato and prosciutto

RSD 690,00


Green risotto

RSD 980,00

(with seasonal green vegetables)

Risotto with chicken, courgettes and curry spice

RSD 1.150,00

Black risotto with seafood

RSD 1.150,00


Fish soup

RSD 390,00

(various river fish)

Veal soup

RSD 390,00

(with vegetables)

Clear chicken soup with noodles

RSD 350,00

Vegetable soup

RSD 350,00


Fresh homemade tagliatelle with chicken, prosciutto and courgettes

RSD 1.100,00

Fresh homemade tagliatelle with salmon, cherry tomatoes and broccoli

RSD 1.100,00

Bolognese sauce with fresh homemade tagliatelle

RSD 920,00

Fish & Seafood

Grilled salmon

RSD 1.400,00

(served on green vegetables mash)

Tuna steak

RSD 1.500,00

(served with pepper sauce)

Perch fillets with grilled courgettes and mascarpone cheese

RSD 1.400,00

Smoked trout

RSD 1.300,00

(served with potato salad)

Squid Dalmatian style

RSD 1.400,00

(served with potato,chard and olives) 

Fried squid

RSD 1.400,00

(served with potato, chard and olives)

Fish & Chips

RSD 750,00


Meat plate for two persons

RSD 2.300,00

(sausages, “ćevapi” – minced meat rolls, chicken breast rolled in pancetta, chicken drumstick; served with French fries) 


RSD 920,00

(minced veal meat rolls, served with French fries)


RSD 920,00

(pork meat, served with French fries)

Veal gourmet "pljeskavica"

RSD 920,00

(minced meat burger made of veal, kajmak – cream cheese, served with French fries)

Meat Dishes

Steak Tartare

RSD 2.300

(raw beef steak for two persons)

Beefsteak with grilled vegetables

RSD 2.650,00

Grilled chicken fillet in Gorgonzola sauce

RSD 1.100,00

(served with crispy baked potatoes)

Chicken schnitzel “Karadjordje” style

RSD 1.290,00

(chicken breast meat stuffed with ham and “kajmak” cream, breaded and fried; served with French fries and tartar sauce)

Main Salads

Caesar salad

RSD 750,00

(grilled smoked chicken, crispy bacon, croutons, parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing)

Beef steak salad

RSD 1.400,00

(beef steak, mixed green salad, sesame, aceto balsamico dressing)

Tuna salad

RSD 750,00

(green salad mix, corn, cherry tomatos, red onion, lemon dressing)


Vitamin salad

RSD 390,00

(cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, beetroot, sweet corn, mixed lettuce, cucumber)

Greek salad

RSD 390,00

(tomato, cucumber, peppers, onion, olives, feta cheese)

Spinach salad

RSD 450,00

(fresh spinach, mushrooms, onion, sour cream, mayonnaise, croutons, herbs)

Cherry tomatoes and rocket salad

RSD 450,00

(cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves, parmesan cheese)

Mixed green salad

RSD 390,00

Tarator salad

RSD 390,00

(chopped cucumbers, sour cream, dill)

Salad “Shopska”

RSD 390,00

(tomato, cucumber onions, peppers, cheese shavings)

Potato salad

RSD 300,00

(potatoes, onion, black pepper)

Cabbage salad

RSD 300,00


Warm apple pie with ice cream

RSD 390,00

Reforma cake

RSD 390,00

(chocolate and nuts)

Lava cake

RSD 390,00


RSD 390,00



RSD 110,00

Bread basket

RSD 150,00

Side Dishes

French fries

RSD 290,00

Potato, chard and olives

RSD 350,00

Crispy baked potatoes

RSD 250,00

Grilled vegetables

RSD 350,00