Wednesday, March 15thLA LUNA
Thursday, March 16thEUROEXPRESS
Friday, March 17thBALKAN EXPRESS
Saturday, March 18thLA LUNA
Sunday, March 19thPrivate party
Monday, March 20thAMARKORD
Tuesday, March 21stALEXA & FRIENDS
Wednesday, March 22ndLA LUNA
Thursday, March 23rdEUROEXPRESS
Friday, March 24thBALKAN EXPRESS
Saturday, March 25thBLA-BLA BAND
Sunday, March 26thALEXA AND FRIENDS
Monday, March 27thAMARKORD
Tuesday, March 28thALEXA AND FRIENDS
Wednesday, March 29thLA LUNA
Thursday, March 30thBLA-BLA BAND
Friday, March 31stBALKAN EXPRESS
Saturday, April 1st Private party